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Jimmy Johnson has hilarious response to Cowboys Ring of Honor announcement (Video)

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When Jerry Jones told Jimmy Johnson he was getting into the Cowboys Ring of Honor, the former head coach had the funniest reaction.

Jimmy Johnson’s weekend was going to be great by the time it was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

The former Dallas head coach got even more good news when Jerry Jones announced he was joining the Cowboys Ring of Honor.

The announcement would have been newsworthy enough, but Johnson provided a perfect answer to take it to another level.

“As long as I live?” Johnson quipped. Given how long he had to wait for the Hall of Fame call, the 78-year-old can be forgiven for his amazement.

“Will you make it through this Hall of Fame ceremony?” Jones shot back.

It was an endearing exchange for the two cowboy legends that caught the excitement of the Hall of Fame induction weekend.

Is Jimmy Johnson in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Johnson is slated to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday as part of Class of 2020.

It took a long time to be honored by the Hall of Fame for one of only three football coaches to win a Super Bowl and a national college football championship.

Johnson, who won a national title with Arkansas as a defensive lineman in 1964, got his first appearance as head coach in 1979 at Oklahoma State. In 1984 he took over the Miami Hurricanes program and won the national championship in 1987.

The NFL called in 1989 when Johnson replaced legendary Tom Landry. By 1992 he secured the first of two Super Bowl victories.

Johnson’s last head coaching appearance was with the Dolphins and ended in 1999. He has been on television ever since.


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