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Jazza Dickens: I am going to Be In a position To Adapt To Something Child Galahad Brings

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Jazza Dickens says he can adapt to whatever Kid Galahad brings ahead of her IBF featherweight title on Saturday.

Dickens (30-3, 11 KOs) will meet Galahad (27-1, 16 KOs) at the Matchroom Fight Camp in Essex this weekend and will be broadcast live on DAZN.

The two men attended their closing press conference on Thursday and Dickens opened the path that led him to this world championship fight.

Dickens said, “I’ve had a great preparation thanks to my team and everyone around me. I am grateful to be on this platform, DAZN and Matchroom, and to start some great nights. I’ve had great fights up to this point and it’s a fight for a world title. I checked every box below so I’m in a good position now.

“Of course I had to take the opportunity, but not on his [Galahad] Terms, it may be smooth, but i’m better. I’m a good fighter, I know what I can do, he can be as smart as he wants. Slick doesn’t hurt me, it can be as slick as it wants, so I win the fight how I want to win the fight. I look forward to it.

“People talk about fixtures, I don’t really think they are very good because they fall out the window, if something goes well, you keep doing it, you adapt spontaneously. I’ll be resilient in there and be able to adapt to whatever he brings with me.

“It is best to think like that, this sport is the best and the worst, I endured and survived both sides. It would be nice to get my crown on Saturday, I am grateful to be on this platform. “


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