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Jameis Winston hilariously bested by tackling pads (Video)

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While the debate between Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill has lasted until the end of the preseason, Winston has suffered a fall … particularly on the tackle machine.

As a New Orleans Saints fan writing this article, the debate between Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill was long before Drew Brees announced his resignation. With Brees injured with broken ribs and a collapsed lung, the Hill-Winston fight is the long-awaited trailer for a movie due out this year.

But so far, the Saints fans have been more concerned than excited about the QB1 fight that followed at training camp this year. Reports of fluctuating performances between the former privateer and the Swiss Army Knife have been tantamount to a roller coaster ride before the season can even begin.

Jameis is struggling to get the tackle exercises at Saints training camp and it’s hilariously worrying

Holy fan or not, you could say this is worrying or hilarious. You decide:

Everything seems to be fine for the entire duration of the tackle drill. Everyone pushes their way through with ease … until the red jersey rolls up and through. The one in the jersey? That would be none other than Winston himself.

While some find it hilarious, others think seeing Hill at QB1 is a surefire argument, while others laugh at it and guarantee Winston will definitely win the spot this season. One might be concerned, but that wouldn’t be enough to say Jamei’s “Eat the W” Winston won’t enter the field in the first meeting against Green Bay. Anyway, the real concern for Aaron Rodgers at QB1 is for the Packers.


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