Jalen Hurts takes beginning QB determination out of Nick Sirianni’s palms

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The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t named Jalen Hurts as quarterback yet, but head coach Nick Sirianni will have to do so at some point.

Jalen Hurts is the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback. They just haven’t admitted it yet.

The sophomore passerby fights for the starting job with Joe Flacco, but it becomes increasingly clear that he is running away with the fight.

That week, with the Eagles holding drills with the Jets before their preseason game, Hurts was pretty much perfect.

Hurts threw the ball cleanly and without interceptions. He found his recipients in the end zone and took the time to get them there.

Sure, it’s practice, but it’s also a sign that Hurts understands the offense well enough to lead it. The only way Sirianni could bypass Hurts for Flacco was if Hurts screwed it up. He does the opposite.

Jalen Hurts takes over the Eagles and starts the QB job

Preseason hasn’t gone well for Philadelphia or any of their quarterback options.

Flacco went 10 of 17 for 178 yards and a touchdown in the opening game against the Steelers, while Hurts was 3 of 7 for 54 yards.

The Patriots’ game was miserable for everyone on the Philadelphia side. Hurts failed to play due to a stomach infection, while Flacco was 10 out of 17 for 83 yards with an interception and a quarterback rating of 46.9. The Eagles were expelled.

It’s not that Flacco couldn’t start games for an NFL team at this point. The thing is, Hurts has a higher cap and has done enough to keep the starting role.

It’s going to be a long season for Sirianni and Co. The sooner they admit Hurts is the guy, the better equipped he is for the job.