Ja Morant ‘Harm’ After Backlash From Followers Amid Grizzlies Loss To OKC

Grizzlies guard Ja Morant returned Monday evening after three weeks of work with a knee sprain. Instead of friendly greetings, Morant received hurtful remarks from the sidelines during the Grizzlies’ 102-99 loss to the Thunder.

At the start of the season, Memphis got off to a difficult start and struggled to find a notable seed in the east with a 9-10 record. After Morant went under in November, the Grizzlies made a 10-2 run and made their way to the fourth seed.

Morant returned against OKC, a team that the Grizzlies destroyed by a historic 73 points a few weeks ago, but happened to stay behind until last night. In turn, Grizzlies fans blamed Morant for telling him to sit back.

Despite the turn of events, Morant scored 16 points, six rebounds and eight assists.

After the loss, Morant didn’t shy away from being hurt by the lack of support and blame:

“Even during the game I was running down the pitch and hearing some of my fans on the field tell me to sit back,” said Morant. “Well, I just don’t see what they wanted to do with it. I feel like that only makes it worse.

“I’m just frustrated. Usually you’ve all seen it, when someone says something negative about me, it drives me, ”Morant continued. “But tonight the comments from the fans actually hurt. I’ll do what I normally do and recover, and I’m really looking forward to the next game. “

Later that night, Morant tweeted that he was “taking a break from social media for a while” but later deleted the tweet and replaced it with a change of heart that read “guess the real ones.”

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