ICC Responds To BCCI Over Kashmir Premier League Difficulty

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The International Cricket Council responded to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) after the Indian board asked the global governing body not to recognize the controversial Kashmiri Premier League.

An ICC spokesman said in an interview with the Pakistani Geo TV that the Kashmir Premier League does not fall under the jurisdiction of the umbrella organization because it is not an international tournament.

Under ICC rules, each full member nation has the right to host a national competition on its own, and the International Cricket Council can only intervene if the tournament is being held in an associated country.

“The tournament is not under the jurisdiction of the ICC as it is not an international cricket tournament.”

“The basis of the BCCI’s complaint appears to focus on the status of Kashmir as a disputed area – and whether games can be played in such areas – and its central role in the longstanding dispute between the two countries. The status of Kashmir has been the cause of several wars between India and Pakistan since the independence of India and the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. Both countries control parts of the region, but govern them separately. Political and diplomatic relations between the two countries have fluctuated over the years and are currently in a persistent low, ”ESPN told Cricinfo in its report

The BCCI had previously refused to hold the tournament in the disputed Kashmir region, which is illegally occupied by the Pakistani army.

Some former cricketers like Herschelle Gibbs and Tillekerate Dilshan will be competing in the competition, which starts on August 5th.

Gibbs had gone to Twitter a few days ago claiming that the BCCI had threatened him for participating in the KPL and forbade him to enter India.

The PCB then issued an official statement accusing its Indian counterparts of threatening member boards.

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