How Has COVID Affected the Level Unfold?

Omicron, the newest variant of COVID-19, is spreading pretty quickly around the world, including here in the US of course.A look at professional sport and you can see its effects. The NHL recently cut its season off to take a week off and allow teams to try and get back at full strength.

A record of 47 NFL players was placed on the Reserve / COVID list on Monday. Almost 200 players have tested positive for COVID since last Monday. The NFL has introduced new testing protocols to help players get back to the field faster.

It’s similar in the NBA. More than 70 players are currently in the league’s health and safety protocols. For this week alone, five games have been postponed. Sure, COVID has had a dramatic impact on the game in all professional sports leagues, but how has it affected the distribution of points?


The Cleveland Browns were a 5-point home favorite against the battered Las Vegas Raiders. The Browns were due to play a nationally televised game late Saturday afternoon, but a number of additions to the COVID list forced the league to postpone the game to Monday.

With the failure of quarterback Baker Mayfield and Backup Case Keenum – both due to positive COVID tests – it was up to third-party singer Nick Mullens to lead the Browns to victory. Oh, the distribution of points in this game? When the lines closed just before game time, the Browns were a 3.5 point home underdog, an 8.5 point swing!

The Washington Football team had really turned things around with four straight wins before losing to Dallas last week. Washington went into the game against the Eagles this week as an underdog with 2.5 points. Then, just like in Cleveland, the number of players on the COVID list forced the NFL to move the game from Sunday to Tuesday night.

Washington launches QB Taylor Heinicke and backup Kyle Allen are both still on the list and staying out. That means Kyle Shurmur or Garrett Gilbert will start for Washington. The game’s payline was as high as Eagles -12 on Friday but has been reset to Philly -7.5 on most of the online sports betting. Bettors and sports betting providers wait with bated breath to see whether Heinicke and Allen will be acquitted at the last minute. The final test is at 4 p.m. EST.

The latest in the NBA

Covid spread in the NBA

Covid has also impacted NBA spread betting

Phoenix is ​​pretty good this season. The Suns are currently 24-5 and currently have the best record in the NBA. On Tuesday they play against the Los Angeles Lakers. Now the Lakers have their share of the fights, but they’re 16-15 right now and are in seventh place in the Western Conference rankings.

Last year, the two teams met in the NBA playoffs. The Lakers are of course very much loved by the betting crowd, but in the last three playoff games last season in LA the Suns were twice 6.5 point underdogs and one time 3.5 point underdogs. The teams already played once this season in October. The game was in LA too, and the Suns were a -1 favorite.

Fast forward a few months and the Suns will be back in LA on Tuesday night. At this point in time, the suns are a 7-point favorite. Yeah, part of it has to do with Anthony Davis being out for the Lakers. Davis has an MCL injury that will keep him off for a while, but the Lakers have six players on the league’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Without the impact of COVID, a 7-point split just doesn’t seem possible in this game.

Bottom line

The most important thing for bettors in all sports to know who is and who is not before placing your bets. On Tuesday evening, the Seahawks compete against the Rams. Seattle WR Tyler Lockett is still on the COVID list. He may stray from it but the wise bettor will find out before placing that bet. Read your injury reports and bet wisely.

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