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Harvey Horn headlines at York Hall

Harvey Horn answers our questions before raising the Wasserman Act against Fadhili Majiha in London

When and why did you start boxing:
I started when I was 10. My family has always done sports. My dad boxed as a kid so it was only a matter of time before I tried boxing. When I did that, I never went back afterwards.

Favorite fighter of all time:
Pernell Whitaker. Roy Jones Jnr is close, just under second. But I just love watching Pernell Whitaker fight.

Best fight you’ve seen:
The atmosphere for Haye-Bellew I was good. Nobody expected Haye to knock him out. That was one of the best live performances I’ve seen.

Personal career highlight:
I would say my professional debut. I’ve sold a lot of tickets. It was like a wave of noise as I walked out. A great night, also a great after party.

Toughest opponent:
Joselito Velásquez. I was still young, when I was number three in the world. I’m a boxer and a mover, but in the end I couldn’t hold on because he closed the distance too well, so I just lowered my head and started swinging for him. I put him on his hindfoot a couple of times.

Best and worst qualities as a boxer:
My best quality, I would say, is my IQ, my boxing brain. My worst quality is getting a great shot, potentially hurting them, admiring my work instead of chasing it, and getting even more interruptions below the belt. It’s a quality I’m slowly getting out of.

Training tip:
If this is not what you want 100 percent, stay in school, pack it up.

Favorite food / restaurant:
I love thai, chinese, asian food.

Best friends in boxing:
Joshua Buatsi, we got promoted to the UK roster at the same time, we got through the same path. The McCormacks are good friends too.

Other athlete you would like to be:
Conor McGregor. He’s also a great fighter because of his personality. He can talk for days.

Last movie / TV show you saw:
I am looking Big bang theory pretty much.

Who would play you in a movie of your life:
It has to be Dave Franco. He does a lot of things that I find very funny.

Have you ever been starry:
Not really, I’ve dated some high-end boxers, either at camp or in the UK, so seeing people you would call stars has become second nature.

The last time you cried:
One of our good family friends, his father, has died. We went to his funeral a few months ago. I think I shed a tear there, that was pretty sad.

Get the best advice:
When you start something, you end it.

Worst Rumor About You:
Despite everything that Boxrec says, I’m barely 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Something not many people know about you:
I have 12 or 13 GCSEs, with an A in French.


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