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Grealish: De Bruyne is world’s greatest behind Ronaldo and Messi

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The midfielder is delighted to learn from his new teammates after breaking the record UK transfer fee to join Manchester City

Manchester City’s new signing Jack Grealish has hailed Kevin De Bruyne as the best player in the world behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The Premier League champions announced the signing of the England international from Aston Villa worth £ 100m ($ 139m) on Thursday, breaking the UK transfer record.

Grealish says he’s looking forward to playing alongside one of his favorite players and admits that he has modeled part of his game on that of Belgian star De Bruyne.

What was said

“I’ve talked about him a couple of times. I’ve always said he’s the best in the world apart from Ronaldo and Messi, “said Grealish in his first interview as a City player.

“I think he has absolutely everything. He’s another one that I don’t think people trust him to be capable of how fast he is.

“Usually he hits the ball off defenders, his last ball is obviously amazing. That’s something I got six assists the season ago and sat down with the manager and watched clips of Kevin De Bruyne in Villa that this is what i want to do, i want my final ball to be like his and i have been practicing on that.

“Then I got 10 assists in 25 or 26 games last season, which is a good return on investment. That was what I orientated myself to, the way he played and how he always found the perfect final ball.

“I’ve never played by his side, I’ve played him a couple of times, got his shirt, but he’s someone I can’t wait to play with.”

Grealish desperately wants to play with Foden

The midfielder’s move to City also connects him with his English teammate Phil Foden and he praised the 21-year-old very much.

“He’s amazing. I don’t think that needs to be told to anyone,” said Grealish.

“Everyone knows how good he is. He has the best first ball contact I’ve ever seen, whether the ball comes out of the sky or comes back into it, it’s just as smooth as it dribbles the ball.” He’s actually much faster than people think he’s capable of.

“When we’re gone with England, I get on so well with him. He makes me laugh, he’s like my little brother! We get on so well in England and I can’t wait to see him regularly week after week play. week off.

“I have a feeling that sometimes when you have a connection to someone off the pitch, you can transfer that to the pitch. Phil and I did that in training when we were in England and I can’t wait . ” do this here. “

Grealish isn’t worried about competition in the squad

The 25-year-old says that despite the talent around him, he is ready to fight for his place in Pep Guardiola’s starting XI and is confident that his style of play will suit him well.

“That’s what you need. It’s something I thrive on and I think everyone needs to be kept busy competing for places, “he said.

“There’s so much talent here and I can’t wait to get in and in between and talk to these guys.

“I still think I’m young, I’m only 25, so I can still learn from all of these people. I can’t wait to play and train with them and just be in and around them these people and I can’t wait to get started and play. “

He said of Guardiola: “When I came here this morning, I had a long conversation with [Pep] about positions and such, all football. It was such a positive conversation and shows why I want to play under him.

“I’ve only heard good words about him from the guys in England. I can’t wait to really get started.

“There were a few factors why, as we just mentioned, I wanted to come and fight for trophies. Playing in the Champions League was a huge thing for me, I haven’t done that yet.

“If I sit there on a Tuesday or Wednesday night last year, that was exactly what I wanted to do. It will be a dream to do with this club.”

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