Good begin for Turkey – Worldwide Desk Tennis Federation

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by Ian Marshall

Most impressively, Abdullah Ozturk beat Poland’s Rafal Lis (11-6, 11-3, 11-7), but the fight that caught the eye was Nesim Turan and Zhang Yan, a well-known player in his native China.

Currently in fourth place in the world ranking of the category, Nesim Turan, 29 years old, has stood up to his 54-year-old opponent (9-11, 11-5, 8-11, 11-4, 11 -9).

Just like with Abdullah Ozturk, who, unlike Rafal Lis, is currently at the top of the men’s class 4 in 11th place, the victory of Nesim Turan was expected. Zhang Yan is currently named 7th.

In addition, Nesim Turan emerged as the winner of the men’s individual class 4 at the 2018 World Championships in Lasko.

It was certainly a very difficult task for Zhang Yan, who, alongside Cao Ninging and Gao Yingyuan, won gold in the men’s team class 4-5 at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

Zhang Yan, who first appeared on the international stage at the FESPIC (Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled) Ranking Tournament 2001 in Hong Kong, is a right-handed pen holder that blocks the ball and makes angles its strength.

His style could be described as traditionally Asian from the 1960s, for Nesim Turan with a powerful forehand he is the trademark of today’s Europeans.

“I’ll play again later at 6:00 pm. My opponent Nesim Turan is world champion. A few years ago he won the world championship. He’s a really tough opponent. It’s a shame I lost the game but I know I did my best. I didn’t expect games two and four to end so quickly. He won these two games in no time, but I don’t regret it as I did my best. ”Zhang Yan,

A tight decision, a subtle change in tactics was decisive in the fifth game.

“The result was 9-9. I expected it to make a long serve but it turned out to be short so I lost that point. Towards the end I played less positively. I will definitely try harder for the next game. ”Zhang Yan,

Abdullah Ozturk and Nesim Turan have now finished their group stage and are in first place; Rafal Lis and Zhang Yan each have a game ahead of them.

Rafal Lis faces the Indonesian Adyos Astan, Zhang Yan faces Cristian Gonzalez; the winners of these competitions will receive major draws.

In all disciplines, the first and second placed in each group go into the knockout phase.