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Golfer, new papa Rory McIlroy says he is mentally and bodily exhausted

Rory McIlroy threw his threesome into the trees near the New Jersey Turnpike on the ninth tee of the Liberty National Golf Course on Monday. He was frustrated with his stroke and play from the Northern Trust tee, but McIlroy said Wednesday that he also felt mentally and physically exhausted.

He estimated that he had played in over 30 events at the Charles Schwab Challenge since returning to golf in June 2020. After playing this week, possibly next week and the Ryder Cup, he will have played 34 tournaments in 15 months.

“I was tired this morning. Look, we all had a long week last week, too, but just to put up the effort of getting out of bed and getting to your 7:20 am tee time it took a little longer to work harder today than usual, “said McIlroy . “But yes, everything. It’s a lot of golf. It’s hard to feel fresh at this time of the season, it just catches up with you. “

McIlroy said he probably played more golf than he should have played.

McIlroy played in the BMW Championship this week after playing for the Northern Trust until Monday due to problems with rain delays. He was asked about his impression of the city and didn’t get much response because he didn’t have the time to record everything.

Part of that exhaustion comes from playing as much as he has, but also from being a fresh dad trying to balance his work and parents as he has to travel a lot during the season.

“It’s changed a lot. I want to spend a lot more time at home,” said McIlroy. “I even wanted to get home between those two events, so I flew home from New York on Monday night so I could get a night in my own bed on Monday and spend a couple of hours on it [his daughter] yesterday – a couple of hours with her and Erica – and then I flew up here yesterday afternoon. Yes, every chance I get to go home, especially at this point in the season since we’ve been away so much, I’ll take it. “

McIlroy needs to manage his time and be more efficient than ever, especially next month as the Ryder Cup approaches quickly.

He admitted feeling exhausted but has already planned his schedule for the game against the Americans, which begins September 24th. After playing this week, then possibly next week at the Tour Championship, he will be taking a two-week break in preparation for the Ryder Cup.

McIlroy ranks 28th on the FedEx Cup rankings, and only the top 30 make it to the Tour Championship. He’ll have to play well at BMW this week to make sure he’s not sidelined any longer than expected.

“I was kind of planning to go to Wentworth to play the BMW [European Tour event on Sept. 9]but it’s just too much traveling and with what’s coming up at the Ryder Cup it’s a long week, “said McIlroy.” Whether you’re in Europe or especially the States, I don’t have any [Ryder Cup] Session still. So let’s say I play five more sessions, yeah, it’s a really long week. The two weeks after the Tour Championship are urgently needed, and I will go in nice and refreshed and ready to give my all. “


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