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Giants see Kenny Golladay go away observe with hamstring damage

The Giants’ biggest off-season signing Kenny Golladay hobbled off the training field today, leaving fans holding their breath to wait for answers.

Giants fans, players and coaches alike will keep their fingers crossed.

Wide receiver Kenny Golladay left training today with an obvious hamstring injury. After linebacker Tae Crowder made a catch during team practice, he yanked the ball away from Golladay, causing Golladay to hobble and grab the back of his leg. Shortly afterwards, he went to the team facility with one of the Giants’ coaches.

Golladay signed with the Giants this off-season after an injury-ridden 2020 season in Detroit. It seems like the injury virus from Motor City to the Big Apple has followed him.

Kenny Golladay was the Giants’ big off-season acquisition

The Giants got really offensive in the off-season, and Golladay was the biggest addition for them when it came to getting more guns for Daniel Jones.

In many ways, this is a pivotal year for Jones. New York’s defense proved to be one of the best in the NFL last season, but multiple offensive injuries left the G-Men understaffed and outside-in as the playoffs came.

The signing of Kenny Golladay should give Jones and the Giants Offensive an undisputed # 1 recipient to bring more life to their offensive. If the thigh injury turns out to be severe, it could have a big impact on New York.

What’s next with the Giants?

If Golladay misses, guys like Sterling Sheppard, John Ross, and first-round pick Kadarius Toney will get a greater number of targets. The Giants have no shortage of guns, but losing Golladay for an extended period of time would still be a blow to the offensive.


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