Gasoline rockets to its highest worth in UK for eight years

Fuel rockets to its highest price in UK for eight years
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Fuel prices in the UK are at their highest level for eight years following nine straight months of rises, according to the RAC.

The average price of a litre of petrol is now 135.13p, which means the cost of filling up your motorcycle or car is more expensive now than at any time since September 2013.

The reason is down to rising crude oil prices, which have subsequently trickled down to the buyer, with July 2021 alone seeing fuel rise on average by 3.4p per litre.

As such, the cost of filling up an 18 litre petrol fuel tank is now around £24.30, approximately £1.50 more than it was in June alone, though there are variances on prices depending on where you are and where you fill your motorcycle.