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Franki deMerle is acknowledged by Continental Who’s Who

VANCOUVER, Wash., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Franki deMerle is being recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Trusted Author and Poet for her outstanding work in the writing field.

Franki deMerle was born in Memphis, TN. When she was young, she began writing poetry as a way to express her deepest emotions and feelings. Ms. deMerle was inspired by listening to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the radio, and by her love of animals and nature. She says, “I believe I write because I’m sensitive.”

She wrote her first novel while in her fifties. Ms. deMerle is the author of three books, Deception Past, Dragonfly Dreams, and Five Flowers. Each novel focuses on reincarnation, dreams, premonitions, and memories. Ms. deMerle, while passionate about the topic, says, “It’s not necessary to believe in reincarnation to enjoy my novels.”

She has also written four volumes of poetry: Ripples on the Surface, Child of the Universe, A Call to Contemplation, and An Unconditional Moment. Each book covers a period of her life. Her poetry is “a search for meaning, beauty, kindness, and harmony in a world of contention and conflict.” She hopes to inspire compassion and forgiveness in all of her writing. Ripples on the Surface is an early collection of mystical poems. Child of the Universe focuses on poems she wrote from 2006 to 2010. A Call to Contemplation features a wide range of poems about nature and the universe. In total, Ms. deMerle has written over 950 poems throughout over fifty years of writing experience. Her poetry is comparable in style and subject to Emily Dickinson.

Ms. deMerle worked as an author and editor for KatMoran Publications. She has been published numerous times by the National Library of Poetry. She worked for the United States Army for 29 years. Additionally, she is a founding member of the Build the Dream Foundation dedicated to building the Memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Washington, DC. She has performed professionally on sitar and classical guitar.

She has been awarded for her work with profile recognitions on newswire.com and the Independent Author Network, where she was a Featured Author. She has been interviewed on radio, TV, and the internet.

She is now retired and lives with her sister, a cat, and two parakeets. They have recently renovated their front lawn to create a pollinator garden. She plays Celtic harp, classical guitar, and baritone recorder.

She is currently represented by Rod Taylors, Literary Agent.

Contact: Katherine Green, 516-825-5634, [email protected]

SOURCE Continental Who’s Who

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