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France restarts lane-splitting ‘experiment’ in 21 r…

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DESPITE France never really allowing lane-splitting or filtering, it was commonly tolerated outside of the 6-year experiment which ran in 11 ‘départements’ (or regions) between 2015 and 2021. This has just been reversed, with the experiment restarted in 21 of 96 départements for 3 years.

French riders in 21 participating regions are now able to legally ride on the lines between traffic as the authorities seek to find out if filtering is worth all the fuss.

As the first experiment concluded earlier this year (and the results were in) accident numbers were in fact going up on the subject roads, so French authorities decided to ban lane-splitting across the country as a result.

Perhaps it was the small sample size, or perhaps the protests of thousands of motorcyclists and scooterists, but they’re giving it another go.


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