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Followers Banned From Bringing Booze In Lord’s; Bars To Be Shut Early After Rowdy Habits Throughout A Fixture

Authorities have banned fans from bringing alcohol into Lords’ during the past two hundred games. The rules came after unpleasant scenes during the game between London Spirit and Trent Rockets on Thursday. The incident also resulted in the ground poles being closed half an hour before the end.

The MCC wants to make sure that the fans maintain decency as the tournament is geared towards families and children. The loud scenes in the crowd caused the authorities to restrict the purchase of alcohol from the gentleman. The Oval, another stadium in London, has also considered creating non-alcoholic zones for The Hundred next season.

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) wants to make Lord’s a friendly place to ensure that every fan has a fabulous day out visiting the venue. The statement said they expect everyone to be treated with respect and have reviewed all actions. Hence, they have tried to ensure that all ages feel safe by banning alcohol in the venues.

“Marylebone Cricket Club is committed to making Lord’s a place for everyone and we work hard to make sure everyone has a great day visiting the home of cricket. Everyone should expect to be treated with kindness and respect. The Hundred is a tournament for families and children. We have reviewed all of our actions on our remaining Hundred Games to ensure Lord’s is inclusive and a place where families and children of all ages feel welcome and safe. MCC said in a statement.

We want the next generation of cricket fans to love and be inspired by the sport: MCC

The Hundred (Image source: Twitter)

MCC also revealed that the guidelines ban the import of alcohol in the ground, restrict beverage sales and close bars early. They want cricket to be an inspiration to the younger generation.

“These include banning the import of alcohol into the ground, restricting the sale of drinks and closing bars early. Cricket should be a game for everyone and we want the next generation of cricket fans to love and be inspired by the sport. ” it added.

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