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Fernandez Advances After Thrilling Comeback At Indian Wells

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On sunday evening, US Open finalist and Canadian teen sensation Leylah Fernandez headlined the night game at Indian Wells Main Stadium.

At their first meeting, world No. 28 Fernandez defeated the number 1 in the world. 13th Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia 5-7, 6th-3, 6th-4 in two hours and 42 Protocol.

The Russian plays an aggressive game with devastating basic strokes. She has a serve that combines strength and placement.

Fernandez, a slender left-handed woman, resembles a ballerina with her light steps, hair in a bun and flowing white skirt. She is easy to cheer on with her sparkling shot and scratchy determination.

In her post-game press conference, Fernandez said, “I haven’t played my best tennis, made a few mistakes here and there, and she took advantage of it. I was happy that I could hit back in the second set and find a way to get the ball back one more time, to take my chances if I got them. “

(AP Photo / Mark J. Terrill)

But for me as a spectator, she played rousing tennis. She stayed positive and always seemed to find out things.

Fernandez said: “I think the whole game may have been a bit uncomfortable technically. Tonight wasn’t the best feeling for the ball. She met her goals well. I missed her maybe an inch or two. That definitely made a difference in the first sentence.

I won’t always play my best tennis. I know where my training level is, I know what I can do on the pitch. I’m always hard on myself, that’s good and bad. I am learning to somehow accept the good and the bad and see what I can improve.

It’s important at the moment that I know that I can get a lot better and I know that tomorrow will be a new day, a new game, a new training session so that I can get better for my next game. “

Fernandez’s next game will be played against American Shelby Rogers.

Fernandez said of Rogers: “I played them last year. It was definitely a good game. I had to learn a lot from this loss. The few days we’re going to play are going to be an uphill battle. Tomorrow I’ll just talk to my coach, to my father, to see what I can improve, what I can do, what the game plan will be, just try to implement it from there. “

Many players have spoken about the slow conditions on the Indian Wells courses, how difficult it is to hit a winner or an ace.

Fernandez talked about how she has adapted: “I would say be a little more patient. It’s definitely slower than New York. I adapt quite well. I know the ball is going to come back one way or another, so I just need to be prepared for the ball to pop in. I have to be patient, have to fight to get the ball into the field to make my opponents feel uncomfortable. Just be patient and wait for the right moment to hit a winner or be aggressive. “


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