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Evan Engram says Cowboys participant punched him within the face on Sunday

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In a surprising turn of events, New York Giants tight end Evan Engram said Cowboys Jayron Kearse’s safety beat him on Sunday.

Whenever the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants meet up, you know the two NFC East teams are going to be throwing out fireworks. Straight ahead, New York and Dallas hate each other. So much has come to light over the years.

Well, things were taken to new levels on Sunday after the Cowboys dominated the Giants 44-20 at Arlington. That’s because New York tight end Evan Engram told New York Daily News’ Pat Leonard that Dallas security Jayron Kearse slapped him in the face after the final whistle.

Jayron Kearse apparently fired a cheap shot at Evan Engram on Sunday

According to Leonard, Kearse actually slapped Engram in the face when things finally went down in Dallas on Sunday. However, Kearse wasn’t shocked when he told Leonard that it was “soft” and a little “baby punch” that didn’t hurt him at all.

Engram delivered another verbal blow to Kearse, saying he pushed him around from start to finish in the week 5 match. Engram finished Sunday against Dallas with four receptions for 55 yards.

The Cowboys were downright dominant and took the three-point win in week 5. With the defeat, New York is now on a low 1-4 year-over-year. Meanwhile, Dallas are 4-1 and look like serious contenders in the NFC moving forward.

That being said, there is simply no excuse from Kearse for beating Engram here in this case. While tensions will rise high after a division showdown, the defensive back just needs to know better. Should this happen again, he could well expect a call from the league office.


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