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Evaluation Day Ten: Japan and Korea Republic take pleasure in notable success

by Ian Marshall

Great strides, same for Korea Republic, with the men’s team making the last four and the women making the last eight.

In addition, Sweden finished in the men’s team competition a place in the quarter-finals, China a place in the semifinals; Singapore made it into the last eight for women, and Hong Kong made it into the penultimate lap.

1st round of the men’s team: Japan 3-0 Australia

Japan, the number 3 seed, had a 3-0 win over Australia, the number 16 seed.

Two left-handers in the form of Jun Mizutani and Koki Niwa made up the doubles, a sight never seen before in a men’s team competition at the Olympic Games. They beat Heming Hu and Chris Yan in even games (11-7, 11-3, 11-8).

Tomokazu Harimoto increased the lead to David Powell (11-4, 11-9, 11-7) before Jun Mizutani beat Chris Yan (11-4, 11-1, 11-9) to end it .

1st round of the men’s team: Sweden 3-1 USA

Sweden, the number 5 seed, claimed a 3-1 win against the United States, number 14 seed.

Kanak Jha underlined its quality; in the second game of the game he defeated Mattias Falck in five games (9-11, 11-8, 11-9, 14-12); Mattias Falck is currently ranked 9th in the world rankings of the ITTF table tennis men, Kanak Jha is 30th.

The opposite was the case after Anton Källberg and Kristian Karlsson gave Sweden the perfect start; they beat Nikhil Kumar and Zhou Xin in even games (11-6, 11-5, 11-5).

Anton Källberg returned to the action; in the third game of the game, he defeated Zhou Xin (11-7, 11-8, 11-8). Kristian Karlsson defeated Kanak Jha and ended the fight (12-10, 11-5, 11-6).

1st round of the women’s team: Singapore 3-0 France

Singapore, the No. 6 seed, turned out to be too strong for France, the No. 13 seed; a 3-0 in their favor the result.

On her 17th birthday, Prithika Pavade underscored her potential; She won the first two games against Feng Tianwei before experience counted (8-11, 6-11, 11-3, 11-8, 11-3).

Stéphanie Loeuillette played her first game at the Olympics and was Yuan Jia Nan’s partner in doubles; they were beaten by Lin Ye and Yu Mengyu (11-6, 11-5, 13-11).

Yu Mengyu, fourth in the women’s singles, went to Yuan Ji Nan (11-8, 7-11, 11-5, 11-8) to finish the matter.

1st round of the women’s team: Korea Republic 3-0 Poland

A much closer competition than the number of points suggests; In the opening doubles, Choi Hyojoo and Shin Yubin defeated Natalia Bajor and Natalia Partyka in a very small space (11-6, 12-10, 11-13, 4-11, 13-11).

Similarly, in the fight that ended the game, Shin Yubin had to fend off a spirited recovery from Natalia Bajor (11-4, 11-7, 9-11, 8-11, 11-5).

In between, Jeon Jihee overcame Li Qian’s classic defensive skills in even games (11-4, 11-8, 11-3).

Men’s team quarter-finals: Korea Republic 3-1 Brazil

Korea Republic, number 4 of the Sami, secured a 3-0 win over Brazil, number 6 of the Sami.

Jang Woojin retaliated for his defeat in the men’s singles in the fourth round when he lost in seven games to Hugo Calderano (11-7, 9-11, 6-11, 11-9, 6-11, 11-5, 11- 6); in the second game of the game he defeated Hugo Calderano in even games (11-6, 11-8, 12-10).

The result sealed Brazil’s fate. Previously, Jeoung Youngsik and Lee Sangsu had beaten Vitor Ishiy and Gustavo Tsuboi (11-6, 11-2, 12-10).

Jeoung Youngsik ended things by defeating a determined Gustavo Tsuboi (11-6, 8-11, 11-4, 8-11, 11-7).

Men’s team quarter-finals: China 3-0 France

China, the front runner, asserted its authority, a 3-0 win over France was the result.

Simon Gauzy caused a lot of problems for Fan Zhendong; he extended the silver medalist in men’s singles over the full distance of seven games (10-12, 12-10, 8-11, 11-5, 11-7).

Ma Long and Xu Xin beat Alexandre Cassin and Emmanuel Lebesson, giving China an ideal start (11-6, 11-5, 11-7). Xu Xin defeated Emmanuel Lebesson to close the deal (11-8, 11-5, 11-6).

Quarter-finals of the women’s team: Hong Kong 3-1 Romania

Doo Hoi Kem turned out to be the backbone of Hong Kong’s success. She beat Bernadette Szocs (11-5, 11-5, 11-6) and Daniela Monteiro Dodean (11-3, 11-2, 14-12).

Daniela Monteiro Dodean and Elizabeta Samara gave Romania the perfect start by defeating Lee Ho Ching and Minnie Soo Wai Yam (11-5, 5-11, 11-7, 6-11, 13-11).

Crucially, Lee Ho Ching defeated Elizabeta Samara (ROU) in the third match of engagement (11-9, 11-8, 12-10) to calm nerves in Hong Kong

Women’s team quarter-finals: Japan 3-0 Chinese Taipei

Miu Hirano and Kasumi Ishikawa set the tone for the competition by defeating Cheng Hsien-Tzu and Chen Szu-Yu (11-8, 11-6, 11-5) in the opening bout.

Mima Ito followed suit, targeting Cheng I-Ching to double the lead (11-2, 11-9, 11-8). Miu Hirano (JPN) closed the matter with overcoming Chen Szu-Yu (11-9, 7-11, 11-4, 11-4).

Quarter-finals finished, finalist announced

On Thursday, August 3rd, in addition to the semi-finals of the women’s teams between Japan and Hong Kong, the quarter-finals of the men’s and women’s competitions will be completed.

For men, Japan meets Sweden, Germany meets Chinese Taipei; Germany is also in action for the women, they meet the Republic of Kore, China against Singapore.


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