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Ehman’s B1G Volleyball Thursday: Megan Cooney of Illinois

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Megan Cooney attacks while coach Chris Tamas / Illinois Athletics watches

The Illinois volleyball program was certainly delighted to learn that team leader and winger Megan Cooney, the 6-foot-4 product from Topeka, Kansas, will be back for a fifth year.

The second team’s All Big Ten honoree came over to us and explained why she took advantage of this extra year of eligibility, how a tough spring schedule may have helped this team prepare for fall, adding five newbies to the gym Why Illinois alum Jordyn Poulter is such a great leader for USA volleyball at the Tokyo Olympics and of course her favorite restaurants in the Champaign area.

We interview a player from each of the 14 Big Ten programs before the start of the season. Before that, we spoke on B1G Volleyball Thursday to:
Emily Lodot from the state of Ohio,
Purdues Taylor Trammell,
Wisconsin’s Dana Rettke,
Gabby Blossom from Penn State,
Indiana’s Brooke Westbeld,
Michigan’s Jess Mruzik,
Maryland’s Rainelle Jones,
Nicklin Hames from Nebraska,
Naya Gros from the US state Michigan.

VolleyballMag.com employee Emily Ehman is a former northwest libero who lived in the bubble in Dallas and covered the first Athletes Unlimited volleyball and analyzes the Big Ten volleyball broadcasts this spring. Follow her on Twitter @emilyehman and Instagram @emilyehman
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