Eagles coach Nick Sirianni yells at Jalen Hurts after second turnover

Philadelphia Eagles coach Nick Sirianni was unsatisfied with quarterback Jalen Hurts for his second turnover of the game.

The only way the understaffed Washington Football team can beat the Eagles on Tuesday night is for Philadelphia to get itself in the way. That appears to be the case at the start of the Eagles Test in Week 15, when Hurts flipped the ball on his first two possessions of the game.

The first turnover was certainly not his fault as a relatively harmless pass was thrown off by Dallas Goedert, only to take an odd distraction off his heel and be picked up by Landon Collins.

The second, however, was all hurts. After a few seconds of scrambling around, Hurts was tackled from behind, tripped and fumbled with the ball. Sirianni left Hurts on the sideline and added an insult to the quarterback’s first game after his injury.

Eagles: Nick Sirianni frustrated with Jalen Hurts

Hurts’ totals aren’t bad as he threw for 13 touchdowns and added eight more points on the floor. But he does not appear to most experts as a franchise-caliber quarterback and certainly cannot elevate this group to NFC East favorite status. This place is reserved for the Dallas Cowboys.

While Hurts’ ability as a playmaker can never be questioned, he has always struggled with the consistency of throwing the ball into the field, which dates back to his days in Alabama with Nick Saban. Some improvement has been seen in Lincoln Riley’s system and in his early years as a professional, but there’s a reason the Eagles have been featured in rumors for senior NFL quarterbacks like Russell Wilson.

Hurt is never expected to reach this level, and he hasn’t been drafted by Sirianni, which makes it all the more uncomfortable.

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