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Derrick Lewis had his automotive repossessed by George Foreman

Derrick Lewis says his car was repossessed once by boxing legend George Foreman.

Lewis told an amusing story in a recent interview about boxing legend George Foreman, which turned into a separate story about Lewis’ wife. Lewis will fight Ciryl Gane for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim heavyweight title at UFC 265, which will take place on Saturday August 7th at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

Lewis tried boxing after being spotted by Foreman and his team. Foreman’s camp was looking for someone to box one of their sons (fun fact, today I learned that Foreman has five sons, all named George Foreman). After recruiting “The Black Beast” and watching him save, Foreman’s camp realized that Lewis was a legitimate threat and decided to train him instead. Foreman gave Lewis a car that he could drive while they worked together.

“I said to him, ‘No, I don’t think boxing is for me.’ By then they had already given me a car. They wanted me to live in an apartment across from the downtown Houston gym where I worked out. I told them, ‘No, I don’t want to box. I’m going to stick with MMA because I felt like MMA was easier than boxing. So they took the car away from me, ”said Lewis The Rich Iron Show. “It was a Buick anyway.”

These days Lewis has been improving his rides.

“I drive a couple of cars. A Mercedes GTS and I’ll wait for mine [Lamborghini] Huracán will be delivered next week, ”said Lewis. “I still have to hold back because my wife really doesn’t like me being wasteful.

“She thinks the chicken heads will come from the woodworks. True story, ”he said. “The Scallywags come out with their little short dresses and stuff. I’m trying to walk towards me with the Ronda Rousey lookalike mask and wig and anything that tries to yell at me. “

Lewis may want to reconsider the Huracán if he wants to hold back. The potential future UFC heavyweight champion also revealed why he chose MMA over boxing.

“I think it’s better for me because I’m basically a street fighter and MMA is mostly, I think, street fighting without getting in the nuts or the eye. Boxing, I think you have to train a lot more than MMA. “

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