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Daniel Jones was on fireplace earlier than brawl erupted at Giants follow

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New York Giants third-year quarterback Daniel Jones hadn’t been quite as impressive as the team hoped over the first week of training camp.

That all changed on Tuesday when he returned to the form that earned him the nickname “Danny Dimes.’ Asked if he had any interceptions or a pass hit the ground during the team’s first full-padded workout, Jones said he had no idea. After all, he had just ended up on the bottom of the pile during a full scale skirmish that broke out during practice.

“I’m not sure. I’ve got to look at the tape,” said Jones. “I’m sure there was a few I’d like to have back. You know, get it out of my hands quicker and see it quicker and be more accurate at times. Just keep working, but I thought we executed a little better.”

According to Giants.com managing editor Dan Salamone,“Jones was on fire throughout the day and especially during 1-on-1 drills. He also racked up the completions during team periods near the goal line, including a touchdown pass to wide receiver David Sills (below). Jones also used his legs for another score.”

“I think for one, the energy and the excitement and willingness to compete and wanting to compete is all positive,” Jones said. “I think regardless of who it is – people who are excited to be here, people who want to play football, who want to compete. Right now, the opponent’s the defense. They’re opponent’s us, so we’re competing against each other.”

The workout was interrupted by a brawl that incensed head coach Joe Judge to the degree that he lambasted his his team in a players-only huddle after putting the entire squad through a regimen of punitive calisthenics. His profanity-laden tirade sent shockwaves throughout the facility.

Asked if he ever saw Judge that angry, the even-keeled Jones took the high road.

“He can get excited, and I think the guys respond to it and I think we certainly got the message today,” responded Jones, who also doesn’t see a repeat of today’s extracurricular activities after the team experienced Judge’s reaction. “There’s consequences for that kind of stuff and that’s the way it is in the game. If you lose your cool, there’s consequences and that hurts the team, so that was the message and everyone understands that.”

“We’ve got to control our energy and our enthusiasm and wanting to compete,” added Jones. “I think we’ve got to control that and be able to harness that and make it productive towards what we’re trying to do.”

As for ending up at the bottom of the scrum, Jones said afterward that he was fine.

“I was fine. I was all good. No problem,” Jones.

On to tomorrow where the Giants hope Jones continues dropping dimes.


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