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Dana White: Jake Paul deserted by ‘drained’ media, fading away towards nobodies like Tyron Woodley

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As predicted, those 15 minutes are almost up.

Social media superstar Jake Paul turned the martial arts world upside down after scoring mega paydays to box aging athletes and fake celebs on pay-per-view (PPV), helping legitimate pugilists like Mike Tyson in the process to reach a younger population group.

That’s why the non-retired “Iron” man thinks Paul is the uncrowned YouTube champion.

However, UFC President Dana White believes Paul exhausted his greeting after refusing to face real competition.

“The media doesn’t really follow him as much as it did in the beginning,” White told Full Send Podcast (transcribed by Farah Hannoun). “Schtick is getting old. I think in order for him to get the media back he has to fight someone. You’ve had enough of the chic. “Hey, it’s me, I’m 190 and I want to fight these guys who weigh 170, 155 and they’re wrestling and they’re fucking 40 years old and haven’t won a fight in three fucking years.” . ‘ If he wants to be taken seriously by the real media now, I think he has to fight a real battle. “

Paul, still only 24, is a professional boxer with three knockouts 3-0. Following his debut against its digital creator AnEsonGib, the former Triller headliner devastated retired NBA star Nate Robinson and UFC welterweight veteran Ben Askren.

Neither of these names will scare the hearts of professional boxers, but Woodley, despite his difficulties in MMA, has been widely viewed as a competitive climber. The 39-year-old “Chosen One” split from UFC after losing four times in a row.

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