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Dana White claims ‘Contender Sequence’ boasts a greater battle library than PRIDE FC

UFC President Dana White claims the Contender Series library is far superior to the promotion of the PRIDE Fighting Championship library, which tells me he never saw PRIDE, or maybe still bitter, Chuck Liddell went to Japan in late 2003 and see how he loses to a longtime rival Quinton Jackson on “Final Conflict”.

This is the same incident where Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira dramatically armored Mirko Cro Cop just before Wanderlei Silva beat up “Rampage” with battle-ending knees in the main event. Dan Henderson and Kazushi Sakuraba also took wins – and placings – in the crowded Tokyo Dome.

“This is the second best library in martial arts,” White told MMA Junkie. “I mean, you could argue for PRIDE because PRIDE had some classic, incredible fights, but they had a lot of shitty fights, a lot of disagreements and the like. But this thing? In four seasons, top to bottom, every single fight is superb. It’s crazy. This is the second best library in all martial arts. It’s incredible.”

There’s no question that “Contender Series” has put up some exciting fights, especially for a weekly show that is geared towards showcasing unsigned and in many ways unproven talent. But the stakes are relatively small for any fighter, and much of the drama that makes marquee matches so compelling just isn’t there.

White and Co. bought PRIDE and most of its assets back in early 2007 for only $ 70 million (more on that here), bringing down some (but not all) of the biggest names in mixed martial arts (MMA). The former PRIDE head cheese Nobuyuki Sakakibara founded the RIZIN Fighting Federation in 2017.

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