Dan Campbell shifting ahead with none kickers on roster

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Dan Campbell refuses to have kickers in his 53-man Detroit Lions roster after the Cut Day.

Little did we know Dan Campbell was going to bring the XFL to the NFL in his freshman year as the Detroit Lions leader.

Campbell has already told us to take care of our kneecaps, that it’s cool to be a meathead, and that there is only one way to start the day right at Starbucks. When it came time to cut the day short, we felt Campbell wasn’t going to disappoint. He chooses two by removing the two kickers from his list. Believe me, Randy Bullock and Zane Gonzalez must be shocked that they were both cut.

Nothing makes your soccer team tougher than playing in twos every time because the kicking is weak.

Here’s the kicker with Dan Campbell’s ultra-machismo Detroit Lions roster

While streaming a kicker is somewhat accepted in fantasy football, this is the NFL. Vince McMahon doesn’t strut through the Ford Field door like he owns the house. On the other hand, we may not be really prepared for what’s to come with Campbell in Detroit. He’s made a great team, so maybe because of Jared Goff, he’s counting on eight points on every trip.

That can only get better if Campbell has open tryouts every week to find a kicker on the streets of Detroit, preferably a guy who’ll take it on like Lou Groza or Tony Danza in that garbage man movie. Last time the Lions were consistently a good team, every kicker in football has kicked like that. If you are the Lions why not want to live in the past? It was good!

Here’s the kicker with the Motor City Dan Campbell Detroit Lions: There will never be a kicker.