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Dan Campbell has essentially the most obscene espresso order of all time (Video)

If you think your morning coffee addiction is relying on you meet Dan Campbell, Detroit Lions head coach.

Imagine starting your day at Starbucks by ordering two Venti coffees with two espresso shots each. A barista taking your order would likely assume they are making drinks that are shared by more than one person. That would be a fair assumption, unless you’re the Detroit Lions head coach, Dan Campbell, who somehow starts out on over 1,100 milligrams of caffeine each morning.

Campbell’s morning routine consists of 80 ounces of coffee and four dashes of espresso. Yes, you read that right. An NFL head coach apparently believes he can lead his team to victory by drinking enough coffee to power a small village. As sports journalist Joe Pompliano rightly points out, Campbell’s Starbucks order is the equivalent of drinking 10 cans of Red Bull. If Campbell doesn’t have a heart attack watching the Lions defend, maybe his daily Starbucks run could be.

Campbell drinks the equivalent of 10 Red Bulls coffee every morning

With all that caffeine in his system, Campbell has to be downright to hum Late morning. We wonder if the Lions medical staff know how much coffee the head coach drinks every day. It appears to be a health and safety liability, and we can only imagine how nervous one could get trying to explain the playbook about 1100 mg of caffeine pumped through your body.

Originally from Clifton, Texas, Campbell is about to begin his first season as the Lions head coach. At the age of 45, the former NFL tight end is in his first year in a “permanent” head coaching role, having previously been assistant or interim head coach. With his obscene coffee order, we’re sure Campbell is ready to seize the day.


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