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Dallas Cowboys to induct Jimmy Johnson into Ring of Honor, Jerry Jones says

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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones didn’t say when it would happen, but he made an announcement Thursday night that many hoped would come sooner rather than later: Jimmy Johnson will be in the ring of honor Cowboys recorded.

Johnson will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend, and Jones has said in the past that he didn’t want to take this moment when debating when or if Johnson will be inducted into the ring of honor.

“I think we have some great days ahead of us,” Jones said on the FOX pregame show before the Cowboys took on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Hall of Fame game. “We’ll surely see what’s going on here with the Hall of Fame, but Tex Schramm, who started the Ring of Honor, said, ‘Jerry, keep it kind of limited with people, but make sure it’s not just so was about the pieces they made. Make sure they added to the history of the franchise. ‘ Well it’s kind of hard not to tell [Johnson’s] Contribution to the history of the franchise. “

Following Jones’ announcement, Johnson, his former Arkansas teammate, joked about when the rollout would take place, saying, “While I’m alive?”

After a 1-15 record in 1989, his first year after taking over Tom Landry, Johnson led the Cowboys back to prominence with victories in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII. He and Jones fell out after the second championship, but Johnson is credited with much credit for the Cowboys’ victory in Super Bowl XXX under coach Barry Switzer, a win that made Dallas the first franchise to win Super Bowls three out of four years.

In five seasons with the Cowboys, Johnson had a 44-36 record and went 7-1 in the postseason.

At the beginning of the training camp, Jones expressed his regret over the split from Johnson.

“Ridiculous. My role here was to keep it together,” Jones said, and later choked. “It was my job. I should have respected something that worked well. Those are the things that come to mind. We had a great run. He’s a great coach and I’m proud to have him as a friend and proud to have had the times we had. We just had a great experience. “

Last month, Johnson was asked about the honor ring during an interview in Key Largo, Florida.

“I think other people think a lot more about the main ring than I do,” said Johnson. “Jerry has told me countless times that he will put me in the main ring, and I think that day will come whenever Jerry feels like doing what is fine with me. I know what we have achieved and I am very proud of it. “

At the end of Thursday’s interview, Johnson hugged Jones.

“Our successes would not have happened and every player who was on these teams knows that – Michael [Irvin] and Emmitt [Smith] and all the others. It took us both guys to do that, “Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said on the pregame show.” Jimmy couldn’t have been the coach he was if it weren’t for Jerry and his possessions, and Jerry He wouldn’t have been the owner if Jimmy hadn’t been the head coach. And we were the beneficiaries of it. I’m just happy to see the two of them together. We all hoped for that. “


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