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Cowboys get dangerous information on Dak Prescott’s shoulder damage

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Some big news came in for the Dallas Cowboys when Mike McCarthy said that Dak Prescott stepped back with a shoulder injury and that he will miss the first preseason game of the year.

Just as Dallas Cowboys fans thought they might be upset about Dak Prescott’s return from his broken ankle, the stud beacon is grappling with yet another injury. This time, for Prescott, it’s his throwing shoulder that gives him trouble.

So much in fact, Prescott was unable to throw on a recent workout and he won’t be doing it again on Tuesday. Additionally, head coach Mike McCarthy has said Prescott won’t play the Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game.

Dak Prescott has already been expelled from the Hall of Fame game against Pittsburgh

The fact that McCarthy said Prescott stepped back is obviously not nice to see. While this could be a preventative measure to ensure he’s completely healthy for the 2021 campaign, it’s not a good sign that Prescott’s injury is already the focus of attention at camp.

He’s had a big recovery in his rehab this off-season and worked his way off to make sure he’s ready for the season ahead. As he is clearly motivated to leave the past year behind, this latest news is a disappointment.

The Cowboys have high hopes for this year as Jerry Jones hated last season’s playoff-less season. Now that Prescott is ready to grind, not only does this team have post-season expectations, but they want to make sure they win the NFC East.

Of course, for this to happen, Prescott has to be close to 100 percent. This shoulder has to get better and faster.


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