Commerce Deadline prospect hauls ranked

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Meeting the trading deadline can be frustrating for a fan of a non-competing team or for a person covering prospects. Read most of the “Who won the trading deadline?” Analysis and it’s invariably a list of teams that have traded for big league talents in the hopes of reaching the postseason and playing in depth.

But the truth is that not every team gets a chance to compete every year, even teams that are normally expected. And while many teams can choose the “sell mode,” it doesn’t mean they are always good at attracting prospects. By the deadline on Friday there were numerous interested parties, with 15 teams receiving the minor leagues (not all of them were non-contenders). As with anything prospect, it will take time to know who the real winners on this side of the coin were. But here’s a quick list of who got noticed and why.

1. Citizens
Keibert Ruiz, C (No. 1, of LAD); Josiah Gray, RHP (No. 2, of LAD); Gerardo Carrillo, RHP (No. 10, of LAD); Aldo Ramirez, RHP (No. 11, from BOS); Riley Adams, C (No. 13 of TOR); Mason Thompson, RHP (No. 16, of SD); Drew Millas, C (No. 24, from OAK); Donovan Casey, OF (No. 27, of LAD); Jordy Barley, SS (No. 28, of SD); Richard Gausch, RHP (No. 30, from OAK)

Realizing that they were no longer there and that the window of an aging list might be closing, General Manager Mike Rizzo pulled the switch, bringing in quality and quantity. It obviously started with having talents like Max Scherzer and Trea Turner on the block, with Scherzer being a rental company and Turner still having a not cheap year of control, but they were able to maximize it by not just having two top 100s Keibert Ruiz and Josiah Gray brought interested parties into the team, but both are also ready to get involved in the big leagues. In addition, they added depth to their top 30 with 10 new members, getting four from the Dodgers alone, but also bringing in interesting talent from the Padres, A’s, Red Sox and Blue Jays.

2. Twins
Additions: Austin Martin, SS / OF (No. 2, of TOR); Simeon Woods Richardson, RHP (No. 3, of TOR); Joe Ryan, RHP (No. 8, of TB); Drew Strotman (No. 15, from TB)

The Twins are more about quality than quantity at this point, but boy, have they maximized the return on their moves? The big deal, of course, was sending José Berríos to the Blue Jays to match the other two top 100 players dealt at the deadline, Austin Martin and Simeon Woods Richardson, both of whom are already at Double-A levels, to send to the Blue Jays. Minnesota also did well in the Nelson Cruz trade, winning Joe Ryan, who some Scouts like almost as much as Woods Richardson, and Drew Strotman, who are both currently in the Twins Top 15.

3. Boys
Additions: Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF (No. 6, of NYM); Alexander Canario, OF (No. 7, of SF); Alexander Vizcaino, RHP (No. 8, of NYY); Kevin Alcantara, OF (No. 11, of NYY); Caleb Kilian, RHP (No. 16, of SF); Greg Deichman, OF (No. 19, from OAK)

This wasn’t national sales, but remember that the top three players in the big league – Kris Bryant, Javy Báez and Anthony Rizzo – are all free agents by the end of this year. Given that it was three two-month rentals, the Cubs are credited for bringing in some depth. These three players brought four new members into the top 10 of the Cubs and, thanks to the Bryant deal, were able to add another top 30 player and a sixth in the Andrew Chafin trade with the A’s. Your prey will look better with the injured Pete Crow-Armstrong (from the Mets in the Báez deal) becoming an elite contender and when the added depth (the Cubs have three more prospects who were in the top 30 of the other teams but not on the current list of cubs) develop into a solid talent.

4th ranger
Additions: Josh Smith, SS (No. 7, of NYY); Ezequiel Duran, 2B / SS (No. 8, of NYY); Trevor Hauver, RHP (No. 18, of NYY); Glenn Otto, RHP (# 25, of NYY)

While the Rangers got a couple of prospects from the Phillies in the Kyle Gibson deal (along with top prospect Spencer Howard not so long ago), they make this list largely because of the Joey Gallo deal with the Yankees. They didn’t get top 100 guys, but they got four new members in their top 30. Two of them, Josh Smith and Ezequiel Duran, are now infielder in the top 10, while Trevor Hauver and Glenn Otto have the chance to be able big league players.

5. Pirates
Additions: Tucupita Marcano, SS / 2B (No. 7, from SD); Carter Bins, C (# 30, of SEA)

The pirates were about quantity and depth as they did a very good job of populating the system before that deadline. They only added two top 30 players to the top 10 leads, Tucupita Marcano and Carter Bins, at the bottom of the list, but they added several leads that fit in that 31-40 range.

Honorable Mention: Phillies. The Phillies weren’t real sellers in this market and were trying to start a postseason. But they are praised for being able to bring in a very interesting pitching perspective with Hans Crouse, now number 4 in their top 30.