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Colts guard Quenton Nelson damage requires surgical procedure, will miss vital time

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After losing Carson Wentz to a foot injury, the Colts are now up against their all-pro security guard Quenton Nelson, who will be out for five to twelve weeks.

After arriving for training with a protective boot on their right foot, the Indianapolis Colts announced that all-pro guard Quenton Nelson would need surgery to repair his injury.

Head coach Frank Reich said the injury was a bone problem similar to what Carson Wentz experienced. However, this is an issue Nelson was born with, which he made worse during Monday’s practice against Wentz who had a previous injury. Both have a five to 12 week recovery period.

Colts were decimated early in camp due to injuries to key players

Having lost both their starting quarterback and star offensive lineman in a matter of days, the Colts will almost certainly take some steps to temporarily close those holes.

This could lead Indianapolis to pursue people like Joe Dahl, Nick Easton, or Kelechi Osemele as placeholders until Nelson returns.

Rumors of another quarterback reunion with Reich are also very widespread, as Nick Foles was a name that was rumored to be acquired and to be the starter in Wentz’s absence.

Jacksonville Jaguars backup and one-time starter Gardner Minshew could be another option.

What will the Colts offense look like?

A confidence in the running game is more than likely what we’ll see from the Colts in the first few months of the season. With a backcourt trio of Jonathan Taylor, Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines, passing is likely to take a backseat in Wentz’s absence.

With Nelson on the shelf, however, it becomes more difficult to establish a running game without one of the best guardians in football. Anyone who is sidelined with Nelson to start at the station will have big footsteps to fill.


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