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Claressa Shields rejects ‘homophobic’ label whereas protesting homosexual ‘agenda’

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Claressa Shields’ next fight will not take place in the boxing ring or mixed martial arts (MMA) cage, but on the Twitter battlefield.

Shields, a two-time Olympic and three-weight boxing champion, took to Twitter Tuesday to express disappointment that Jon Kent, son of Clark Kent and Louis Lane, is bisexual in DC Comics. Superman: son of Kal-El Comic series.

“I googled it this morning and am disappointed that they would even do that. He’s always been in love with Lois Laine! ”Shields argued before being informed that the Superman in question is in fact Clark Kent’s son. “Don’t do it better.

“I’m not nearly homophobic, I just don’t think that cartoon characters should be bisexual or gay. Leave the children alone. Don’t force an agenda on children. For me this is confusing for children. If a teen or adult decides to be bi or gay, congratulate them. I have no problem with that.”

Shields’ argument seems to be that the portrayal of LGBTQ + characters in children’s media is part of an agenda. A survey from 2021 by Gallup found that approximately 5.6% of all adults in the United States identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Shields currently divides her time between professional boxing (11-0) and the Professional Fighters League (PFL), where she holds a 1-0 record. She will fight Abigail Montes in the 2021 PFL final on October 27th.

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