Chiefs get excellent news with Travis Kelce on Saturday morning

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Chiefs fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Travis Kelce is back on the training camp field on Thursday after a brief fear of injury.

The Chiefs offense has a lot of starting talent, but Travis Kelce is an integral part of the team’s offensive attack. So Kansas City fans were right to be nervous when he was carted off the training camp field on Thursday.

Luckily for the Chiefs and their passionate fans, Kelce returned to the field on Saturday and showed no ill effects from the tension in his hips and back that caused him to leave training just 48 hours earlier. There’s no chance Kansas City officials would allow Kelce to exercise again if they were concerned about his physical condition.

In other words, Kelce must be 100 percent. He’s too important to the Chiefs’ hopes of recapturing a Super Bowl title this season to risk this early in the preseason. The team is much more interested in getting Kelce up and running early in the regular season than allowing him to do any reps with Patrick Mahomes during the preseason.

Chiefs fans shouldn’t be surprised if Kelce is given a significant break before the first week. He’s a veteran who won’t benefit from extra work with the first team. Keeping Kelce and the other veterans fresh will be a high priority for the organization throughout the preseason. Leaving him on the sidelines is the best way to keep the all-pro tight end healthy.

Most NFL teams will experience some injury anxiety this preseason, but the Chiefs are lucky they dodged a big one. Kelce’s return to the practice field should reassure everyone.