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Cheyanne Buys will get emotional over UFC Vegas 33 efficiency bonus

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On Saturday night at UFC Vegas 33, Cheyanne Buys recovered from an embarrassing loss in March and defeated Gloria de Paula in 60 seconds. It was a quick and fierce finish with Buys de Paula hitting de Paula with a headbutt and then knocking her down with some mean ground and throbbing on the canvas.

The win provided Buy’s redemption after a decisive loss to Montserrat Ruiz at UFC Vegas 22, where she spent most of her 15-minute battle in a headlock. It also earned her a $ 50,000 Performance of the Night bonus … which is lucky considering Buys revealed during her in-cage interview that she was completely broke.

“I’m so broke, my whole check goes – I got a loan just to get a house here” [in Vegas]“She said to Paul Felder.

An emotional Buys was close to tears at the post-fight press conference as she talked about how much the bonus money would help.

“I just found out two seconds ago that I got Performance of the Night, so yeah, it’s pretty surreal,” Buys said (via MMA Fighting). “Seven weeks ago I decided to take a big risk and give up my house and everything in it in Dallas, Texas, and I came here with my animals and husband and we have a vehicle. We packed our car with a suitcase. We came here, we didn’t have a house, we didn’t have anything. I had to take out a loan just to get a house and I knew I would come here tonight, that all of my paycheck would just go back to that loan. “

“I just got a negative account,” said Buys. “So it will make a big difference. All my paycheck consists of paying back $ 15,000 on a loan I got from a couple of people, so I made a 10 and 10 on my profit and showed that $ 20,000 was just gone. And I agree, I was fine if I won and the check was gone because I took this move out here and I knew this fight was going to be for the train only. It was the best decision I and my husband made for our career and only get this bonus … “

“I’ve been broke all my life because of this sport, but it’s worth it to me because I love this sport to buy some nice things, but I like to buy some things for the house and for my animals. I love to spoil my family, but I’m definitely taking my team out for a nice dinner this week. It will certainly change my life, but I have to put the money away and just go out and fight again. “

Aside from the money, Buys also feels that the knockout win justifies them after that embarrassing loss to Ruiz in March.

“I had a headlock forever and it was embarrassing,” she said of the defeat. “I had to deal with it. I had to deal with the trolls. I had to put up with being known as “the sweaty head girl,” and I told my husband who led this fight, “I can die and I won’t die knowing I am that head sweat girl. I won’t die knowing I’m 0-1 in UFC. ‘ One and one is much better than zero and two. “


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