Cheyanne Buys banks a bonus for UFC Vegas 33 co-main occasion end

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Cheyanne buys banks a bonus for the end of the UFC Vegas 33 co-main event

Melsik Baghdasaryan, Cheyanne Buys, Jason Witt and Bryan Barberena all left UFC Vegas 33 with a $ 50,000 performance bonus for their Saturday night work. Witt and Barberena received Fight of the Night bonuses for their three rounds of fights, while Baghdasaryan and Buys were awarded for their TKO victories.

Witt took advantage of stand-up and mixed his wrestling well to win the first round. Witt continued his swing into the second round as he dropped Barberena with his right hand and secured a few more takedowns before the bout resumed towards the end of the second round. The third round was the icing on the cake that Barberena was hungry to end the fight. Witt and Barberena exchanged big shots and the swing swayed back and forth. While Barberena apparently won the third round, Witt’s performance in the first two was crucial in the eyes of the judges as he was awarded a majority decision win.

Melsik Baghdasaryan secured his bonus with an emphatic knockout victory in the second round over Collin Anglin. Baghdasaryan won the first round and went into the second round. In the second round, Baghdasaryan was warned about his finger placement. Shortly thereafter, Baghdasaryan landed a vicious headbutt that dropped Anglin and followed with punches, decisively forcing the referee to stop the fight at 1:50 in the second round.

Buys got her $ 50,000 performance bonus by defeating TKO’s Gloria de Paula with a vicious headbutt before proceeding with ground punches to end the fight in the first round. While Buys’ performance was impressive, there isn’t much to be said about their performance as the fight only lasted a minute. Buys’ opponent got up from a grounded position and she took advantage of the action and headbutted de Paula, de Paula fell to the ground. Buys followed with blows to the ground, forcing referee Mark Smith to end the bout at 1:00 a.m. in the first round.

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