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Chantelle Cameron: ‘It’ll be a little bit of a struggle’

Chantelle Cameron is enjoying her progress. She is talking to Elliot Worsel

THE disappointment that Otto Wallin felt last week when she was told by the injury of the opponent Dillian Whyte and the cancellation of her fight at the 30 O2-Arena.

The announcement was a whirlwind of 24 hours for Cameron, the super-light WBC belt wearer, in which she assumed her fight against Mary McGee would also be canceled to come to terms with her newfound celebrity on the map.

“I really thought the show was canceled,” said Cameron Boxing messages. “I thought if they didn’t get a headliner there was no chance it would go on. I was just doing a media day when I got the news [of Whyte’s injury] and my head was a bit gone. I just thought I wasn’t going to fight.

“Then I woke up the next day to the news that the show was still going on and that I would be headlining. I’m just so grateful that they gave me the opportunity and that the show wasn’t canceled. I put so much work into this fight, and I’m sure Mary too, and to think that all of this would have been lost if the show had been postponed would have been so disappointing to both of us. I am happy that we were given the chance to fight. That says a lot about the progress of women’s boxing I think. It’s brilliant. “

The McGee fight marks Cameron’s second of the year and the second defense of her super-lightweight title. The last time she made her American debut was in May when she stopped Puerto Rican Melissa Hernández within five rounds in Paradise, Nevada.

“It was an early hiatus and I think the referee stepped in pretty early,” recalled Cameron. “But I thought I did a good job. I followed the instructions and it was a great experience. Boxing in America was great. We had a fantastic week. “

Fighting in America and feeling like the away fighter was a ticked box for Cameron on her way to dominating her weight class. The next box, headlining in front of a presumably decent audience in the O2 Arena, will be ticked next Saturday. It’s a challenge and an opportunity that Cameron enjoys.

“This is going to be the biggest crowd I’ve boxed in front of, but I don’t really mind,” she said. “I have to concentrate on the job. I boxed without a crowd; I boxed in Vegas, at Melissa’s home stadium; and I boxed without fans. It’s all experience. Nothing really bothers me.

“I just have to win. That’s it. It wouldn’t matter if I was first on the show or last on the show, it’s just me against Mary in the ring when the bell rings. The job remains the same. As great as it is to be headlining, I don’t watch it too much. It’s still a fight that I have to win. “

The key to calming Cameron down that night and making sure she’s reaching her undisputed potential when the first bell rings is Jamie Moore, the former European light middleweight champion who now holds the reins of Cameron’s career. Moore, who had never trained a fighter before Cameron’s appearance, has impressed the 30-year-old both inside and outside the ring.

“Jamie was massive,” said Cameron. “Not only did he make me a better boxer, he also gave me confidence. He shaped me as a person. He made me more confident, he made me better at speaking and he made me happy. I’m enjoying boxing again and it pays off when you look at my performances. They are just great people to be around [Moore and his team]. Their enthusiasm rubs off on you and they make you feel good. “

The momentum helps in this respect as well and Cameron currently has a lot of it at 14-0 (8). She has made a habit of collecting titles, some of which are more meaningful than others, and stands ready to collect another should she conquer McGee, the current IBF belt holder in her weight class, this weekend.

“It’s 100% my toughest test,” admitted Cameron. “She is a champion, she has a lot of experience and she is a really good opponent. It’s going to be a massive test, but it’s the type of test I’ve been looking for and asking for. I think she will get the best out of me. I have the tactics and I know what I’m preparing for, but I think it’s really a fight like it was made for me. I think this will be the fight where I show people how good I really am.

“We’ll both trade and both look for a break. Because of this, I think it’s going to be a bit of a war. She’s strong, she’s tough, and she can take a shot. I expect her to be pretty aggressive and try to take the fight on me. But I think she underestimates my power and I think that at night I will be better than her in every way. Whether she gets up and wants a fight or if she goes on the way back, I think I have an answer for whatever she tries. “


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