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Carson Wentz surgical procedure means Eagles already received commerce with Colts

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The Indianapolis Colts will have to do without quarterback Carson Wentz for the next five to twelve weeks.

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich confirmed Monday morning that his starting quarterback Carson Wentz will be undergoing foot surgery and will miss the next five to twelve weeks of action.

Wentz has an operation on his left metatarsus to “cut out the bone”. The former number 2 in the overall standings of the Philadelphia Eagles was traded to Indianapolis to reunite with his former offensive coordinator this off-season. Wentz hasn’t been the same player since his cruciate ligament rupture in December 2017. This Colts deal already looks like a complete and utter disaster.

Look for Wentz who is back either by the start of the regular season or by the end of October.

Colt’s QB Carson Wentz will be absent for the next five to twelve weeks due to foot surgery

This is bad news for the Colts as Indianapolis will be behind eighth at the start of the season. The Colts were expected to push for their first AFC South crown since 2014 this season, but may not be able to keep up with reigning champion Tennessee Titans if they get off to a bad start without him. For those who wanted to see what Jacob Eason was all about, now is your chance.

With Indianapolis having a strong squad outside of the quarterback room, it may be time for Colts CEO Chris Ballard to close a deal to upgrade this particular group of positions. Wentz may once have been an NFL MVP for short, but this trade looks like one that shot the Colts all over the face. Much of the deal was based on Wentz being able to play a ton.

The Eagles would get a first-round election for Wentz if he played 75 percent of the team’s snaps or 70 percent of their snaps if Indianapolis made the playoffs. Otherwise, Philadelphia will get a second-round pick for its former quarterback in 2022. If it takes Wentz every three months to recover from his injury, the Eagles won’t be able to regain a valuable first-round pick in that trade.

With Wentz out at least for the preseason, the Colts must quickly make another deal.


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