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Carson Wentz Damage Leaves Colts In Limbo

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There aren’t any good options for the Colts and Carson Wentz. And worse, there aren’t any predictable options either. Since Thursday on the road with a foot injury, it is said that instead of going straight to the operation, Wentz will take care of his foot and begin a rehab program. If that doesn’t work, surgery would be the way to go, but waiting for the surgical route will of course delay his return to the field.

The hope in waiting for the surgery is that he can play with rest and rehab in week 1. If at the end he needs an operation, that seems to be the case now, a start in week 1 is likely off the table. Either way, if Wentz misses a significant portion of the training camp, it will be a setback for the quarterback looking to restart his career after moving from Philadelphia. It’s also an issue for Indianapolis, a team with championship aspirations that now has their fourth quarterback in four years and maybe a fifth.

The Eagles will also be closely monitoring the situation. The draft pick they got from the Colts in the trade for Wentz is depending on the number of offensive snaps he takes this season. If he plays 75% of the Snaps, or 70% and leads Indianapolis to the playoffs, the Eagles will get the Colts’ first-round pick in 2022. If it doesn’t meet these thresholds, the pick becomes a second one.

With this kind of uncertainty, it’s no surprise that the Colts’ odds have worsened NFL odds Plank. They are still listed at +1100 to win the AFC, which is sure to rise in the coming days, while the AFC South odds (which they led) and their regular season total winners – previously set at ten – are now OTB are.

Indy’s other quarterback options

The Colts signed former Packers backup quarterback Brett Hundley over the weekend, but he was only added for the sake of depth. Jacob Eason will receive the snapshots of the first team in Wentz’s absence.

But Eason isn’t ready yet. If Indy was forced to join him as the starting quarterback for any length of time, this season won’t go as planned. That would essentially give the AFC South to Tennessee. But if not Hundley, not Eason, and not an injured Wentz, then who?

Nick Foles

As crazy as it sounds, one of the top names in the trading market is Nick Foles. The Philadelphia man who never has to pay for a drink after replacing an injured Wentz is one of the best options to repeat four years later and a few states further west. Chicago has Justin Fields and Andy Dalton, and they are currently paying Foles $ 6.67 million to keep a clipboard.

A Nick Foles trade against a late-round draft pick would make sense for both teams.

Gardner Minshew

Minshew mania is no longer an issue in Jacksonville. The cut-off, cropped, mullet-sporting, mustached man sits firmly on the bench now that Trevor Lawrence has arrived. With 20 starts, Minshew has experience. And his 37 touchdowns at just 11 interceptions show that he is actually protecting football.

It’s cheaper than Foles, and he’s the main back-up in Jacksonville. So the trading costs could be higher. But given the first five games on the Colts roster – Seahawks, Rams, Titans, Dolphins, and Ravens – having someone with experience and maneuverability may be enough to save the season.

Marcus Mariota

As many times as the Raiders and Raiders fans have flirted with a quarterback other than Derek Carr, he is cemented as their starter. At this point, only one injury would bring Marcus Mariota onto the field.

He played in one game last season and he played well. And although he has never been able to and will never live up to his draft status, Mariota is a seasoned quarterback who won in the postseason. In fact, he has more playoff wins than Wentz or Carr. He probably wouldn’t need a huge draft-pick package to get it, either. Mariota is making $ 3.5 million this year and will be free agent in 2022.

Jimmy Garoppolo

This is just someone to be targeted if Wentz is out for an extended period of time. Jimmy G is less of a stopgap than a replacement for Wentz. Plus, the 49ers still insist that he be their quarterback before Trey Lance.

Garoppolo is worth noting because eventually Lance will take off, and Jimmy G’s cap hit this season is $ 26 million with an additional $ 27 million due in 2022. However, it can be canceled in this off-season with very little penalty.

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