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Campbell Hatton: I Want The Rounds Extra Than I Want a Stoppage

Brentwood, United Kingdom – Campbell Hatton extended his unbeaten record to 3-0 with a straight four-round points win over Poland’s Jakub Laskowski.

The 20-year-old Mancunian, son of the former double world champion Ricky, put in more valuable laps while continuing his development in the professional ranks.

“I was really happy again; I thought my defense was much better, ”Hatton told Matchroom afterwards. “I was a little more composed again, I think there were a couple of times when I hurt him and probably could have completely choked my work and not caught him anything. I managed to control myself a little as he left. I didn’t quite get the knockout because I was choking and it was tricky, but it was exactly what I need. I need the laps more than a break.

“He was a tricky customer, slippery, switched a little and saw a couple of different looks. This is the perfect fight, and it’s perfectly coordinated so that I can learn. There are people out there who could get them in and anyone could hit and knock them over. So they don’t suit me, we get me people who make the rounds of me and give me various things to overcome – he did that tonight.

“I think I showed some more classic work than before when I was doing my jab. My jab is one of my best hits in the gym and now I bring it into play in fights.

“In the first fight I said all week that I was totally relaxed, but I had nothing like it. In the second fight I was more composed and in this fight I was more composed – next time it will be the same pattern and even better.

“That was a different experience, it is different from anything I will probably experience very often in my career. It was different this time walking the ring, it’s breezy to see people having their tea and having a pint. It was strange making my ring do it, but as soon as it rang it was like any other ring and I got to work.

“Gibraltar, the amount of media engagements I’ve had and how much time has been put into me on the media side, I think that got me started so I didn’t really have to do much. In the first we got everything out of the way, I’ll never deal with anything like that again, the pressure will always be there, but every time I get on better with it. I handle the pressure like it isn’t there now.

“See all of these opponents, if it had been any other kid he fought with with a different surname, I don’t think he would have dug half as much as there. They want to make a point, be it to stop me or just to survive – they step up their game a little when they know it’s me and I have to do the same. “


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