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Cam Newton launched by Patriots, however did not they attempt to commerce him?

The Patriots shocked NFL fans by unceremoniously releasing Cam Newton. Why didn’t New England try to trade the former MVP?

The Patriots are an NFL franchise that never shrinks from taking a controversial move. Your decision to release Cam Newton on Tuesday is certainly justified. The decision to release the former Auburn star also raises questions about why he wasn’t traded.

The answer to this question will not go down well with Newton fans. The patriots had every incentive to try to gain some value for the experienced signaler through a trade. The only reason Newton was released instead of traded is because there was no other team out there willing to give up an actual asset to purchase Newton.

For a player who was arguably the most dynamic offensive weapon in the NFL in 2015, this represents a serious fall out of the league’s favor in 2021 is hard to believe.

Now what happens to Cam Newton after Patriots are fired?

It is time for Newton to really understand how low his league score is. If he expects to get an unrivaled entry-level job, he will be seriously disappointed. Newton should be more concerned with getting a guaranteed squad spot than looking for an entry-level job at this late point in the preseason.

It’s too early for any team to give up their unique skills. Newton will never be a standout pocket passer, but his fascinating combination of speed and strength still makes him a dangerous running threat from the backcourt. Fans shouldn’t be surprised to find an aggressive offensive coach acquiring Newton to spearhead a special series of games designed to torment opposing defensive coordinators.

Newton doesn’t necessarily have to jump on the first offer he gets, but being too selective could mean the end of his queer career. It’s time the former superstar gave serious thought to how slim his place in the league is right now.


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