Bobby Brown shares hilarious tweets earlier than surgical procedure with Robert Rochell

Bobby Brown shares hilarious tweets before surgery with Robert Rochell
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Rams rookies Bobby Brown III and Robert Rochell both went down with injuries in practice on Saturday, a disappointing blow for Los Angeles. Brown injured the UCL in his thumb and Rochell hurt his wrist trying to punch a ball out in practice, forcing both players to undergo surgery.

Well, they went under the knife on Monday but just before their procedures, Brown shared a few hilarious tweets from his hospital bed.

It all started with this first tweet to set the tone. A rookie mistake, one might say.

Then, he called out Rochell for screaming because he’s scared of needles.

And finally, Brown pulled back the curtain on his current situation in the hospital – quite literally.

Brown is going to give Sebastian Joseph-Day and Donte Deayon a run for their money as one of the funniest players on the team – and he’s only been with the Rams for about three months.