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Bengals tempting destiny by taking part in Joe Burrow in meaningless preseason finale

After initially hinting that they could probably hold him through week 1, the Bengals ignore caution by letting Joe Burrow play in the preseason final.

After sustaining a serious knee injury last November, Joe Burrow did not play in the Bengals’ first two preseason games due to some rust and mental hurdles. On Wednesday, before the preseason final on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, Head coach Zac Taylor said Burrow will play a limited number of snaps in the game.

Back at the start of training camp, Burrow said he wanted to play in the preseason. That contradicted what Taylor and owner Mike Brown were saying, as they both said it was unlikely that Burrow would play before Week 1.

The Bengals forget their previous caution by playing against Joe Burrow in the preseason final

Much has been done about Burrow’s camp fighting, if only because of the mental barrier he is trying to overcome with his knee. Perhaps playing in a live game, if only for a series, is the final frontier of this hurdle. In late July during his aforementioned press conference, Burrow said the following.

“We’re going to have this discussion with Zac and the owners,” said Burrow. “I would love to go out and feel the rush at least a couple of times. I don’t have to play the full game, but I would like to go outside for a bit. “

If there was a discussion (presumably recently) about his playing in the preseason and Taylor staying on the side of being hesitant to let that happen, Burrow won and will prevail in the meaningless preseason finale on Sunday. The Bengals and their fans will keep their fingers crossed that he leaves the field unscathed after taking all the many snaps that are allotted to him.


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