Ben Askren thinks Tyron Woodley beat Jake Paul in boxing match

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Ben Askren thinks Tyron Woodley defeated Jake Paul in a boxing match

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley lost to Jake Paul by split decision on Sunday but felt like he should have been declared the winner. Two of the three referees rated the fight for Paul, while one rated the fight in Woodley’s favor.

There is at least one person other than Woodley who believes they beat Paul, his former training partner, Ben Askren. Paul defeated Askren in their boxing match in April.

On Tuesday, Askren posted a video on Instagram explaining why he feels Woodley really won and why he thinks there will be a rematch.

“I thought Tyron won, but Jake definitely won my respect. I think there’s going to be a rematch, that makes too much sense, ”Askren wrote in the Instagram post.

“I rated it 5 to 3,” he said in the video. “I saw that he was more aggressive, stalked and landed more effective punches.”

Check out the entire video below:

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