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Anderson Silva’s coach on Logan Paul combat: ‘Anderson will knock him out’

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After a terrifying run in the UFC over the past seven years, fighting legend Anderson Silva landed the 2021 feel-good victory by defeating Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in a boxing match in June. Nobody gave the 46-year-old MMA fighter a big chance against Chavez Jr., who may not have lived up to expectations but was still a true boxing champion in his prime. But Silva ousted Chavez Jr. in the ring to win a split decision.

That win got him back into the conversation when it comes to celebrity boxing matches. And there are few bigger prominent opponents than Logan Paul, so it was good news for Silva’s bank account when it became known that Paul was considering “The Spider” as an opponent. And why not? He was just imprisoned by Floyd Mayweather but walked away largely unharmed. Why not face an MMA GOAT contender like Silva now?

Well, if it does happen, it may not be as easy for Logan as it did against the much smaller Mayweather. Floyd has struggled under 150 pounds for much of his career. Anderson Silva was a large 185 pounder. And according to Silva’s boxing trainer Luiz Dorea, they would crush Paul in the ring.

“Logan turned out to be a very brave and talented kid who led an exhibition match against the legend [Floyd] Mayweather, ”Dorea Sherdog said in a recent interview. “But if it were in the official rules, the result would of course be different. Let’s see if he continues to hide under show rules or tests himself in the real world [under professional rules]. In this case, I have no doubt that Anderson will knock him out. “

Dorea also commented on his former student Vitor Belfort, who will box Oscar De La Hoya on September 11th.

“Vitor is a very explosive fighter, four years younger, much stronger and has never given up the athlete routine,” said Dorea. “De La Hoya is one of the GOATs of the sport, much more experienced in boxing matches, but we don’t know how he looked after his physical condition during the long break.”

“The experience is definitely on De La Hoya’s side, but I wouldn’t underestimate Belfort, who is very dangerous on the first two laps. I think Oscar will make a big difference and use his experience to win over points. “

A lot of MMA fighters come to boxing these days, but hey … at least they’ll get a solid paycheck for their efforts. And in Silva’s case, would he finally punish one of the Paul brothers for flying too high to the sun?


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