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Ambani to AFC Leopards & Gor Mahia: Make Mwendwa dance to your tune

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The two teams refused to fulfill their league mandate on Saturday in protest of their unpaid contributions

Ex-AFC Leopards attacker Boniface Ambani has urged Ingwe and her rival Gor Mahia to consider reviewing their structures to avoid being taken for granted by the Kenyan Football Association.

On Saturday, the two largest clubs in Kenya refused to fulfill their league mandate, saying the association would have to pay their grants as well as the FKF Shield Cup winnings of Ksh 3 million.

However, the former Harambee Stars striker believes this would not have happened if the two teams had “well-oiled structures”.

You don’t wanna tell the truth

“AFC leopards and [my in-laws] Gor Mahia, I know you don’t like being told the truth, “Ambani posted on his official social media account.

“But let me tell you something that you have been missing all along. With well-oiled structures, I am 100% sure, those little funds that are chasing you from the Federation will never bother this President [Nick Mwendwa] dance to your tune.

“Yanga SC and Simba SC may not have the best structures, but no [FA] President will dictate to them [on what to do]. My little advice, it is high time you got back to the drawing board to see what you have done wrong over the years, doing what is necessary, and this President [Mwendwa] will never hold you for ransom. “

Players have no vote

The former Kenya international went on to say that the players are suffering but unable to voice their complaints and urged clubs to take sustained measures to ensure fans are bonded to the teams.

“The players in our clubs suffer. They have no voice because of the club rules they have to obey, but basically they suffer,” continued Ambani.

“The money you are fighting over, yes, it is your right, but the two clubs can do better. Sustainable measures; Measures that help even a four-man standard dropout with brains to continue the club from generations to generations.”

It is not yet known whether the two teams will be dealt with after the league game was deliberately left out on Saturday.


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