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Alen Babic Goals To Wipe Out Mark Bennett in First Three Rounds

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Alen Babic has predicted that he will knock out Mark Bennett in “two or three rounds” if she is on Saturday the 7th.

‘The Savage’ (7-0, 7 KOs) knocked Damian Chambers aside with a huge left hook as the Croatian heavyweight contender added another knockout to his destructive record last June at the Vertu Motors Arena in Newcastle.

Babic scored a dramatic knockout from Chambers in one fell swoop in the third round and sealed his seventh straight hiatus when he returned to the ring after shoulder surgery that had knocked him out since his knockout win over Tom Little in November 2020 .

The clash with Bennett this weekend falls back nearly a year after Babic’s explosive two-round win over American Shawndell Winters in the first part of Matchroom Fight Camp – and the terror-managed by Dillian Whyte promises more fireworks as he tries the first Become a Man Stop ‘Bad News’ Bennett.

“Unfortunately for Mark Bennett, I think it’s another fight that will last a maximum of two or three rounds,” said Babic. “I think I’ll knock him out. He lost to Nick Webb and Nick Webb doesn’t even want to hear my name. I see no way he can beat me.

“Seven knockouts in seven fights, each of which lasts a maximum of three rounds, you won’t see anything else. Mark Bennett will feel ‘The Savage’. I already know he fears ‘The Savage’. When he looks me in the eye he will know that he is in a real fight. I don’t get into boxing. I know how to box. I don’t have to box – I destroy people.

“I do that in the ring – that is what ‘The Savage’ does. I am different. I’ve been telling people this for two years. I’m a different kind of fighter. I can go cruiserweight, bridgerweight or heavyweight – it doesn’t matter, I’m a real fighter and I want to be known as one.

“I don’t know who this Bennett guy is, really not. They told me he’s big. That’s all I need to know – another giant to kill. I heard he has six or seven wins but zero knockouts or one knockout. How can you get into the ring with ‘The Savage’ with a record like that? “


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