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5 quarterback choices for the Indianapolis Colts if Carson Wentz misses time

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Photo Credit: The Indianapolis Star-USA TODAY Sports

If Carson Wentz’s status is in the air, where could the Indianapolis Colts turn for a supplement?

The training camp in the NFL has only just begun, and there is already a notable injury. Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz is out indefinitely with a foot injury, according to ESPN.

Adam Scheter has reported that the injury is unlikely to be the end of the season. but Michael Silver of the NFL Network reported that the team was preparing for surgery, and Wentz’s injury affects a bone and ligament.

It’s too early to give any rough estimate of how much time Wentz will miss. But surgery would definitely push him into the regular season, leaving the Colts without the quarterback, whom they invested heavily in with an offseason trade.

The Colts are an AFC contender, with a run to the Super Bowl as part of the results if Wentz could stay healthy and play more like he did earlier in his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. The first part of this equation already seems to be falling out the window, at least in part, but it could save Indianapolis from having to decide Philadelphia for the first round in 2022.

If Wentz is playing 75 percent of the Snaps for the Colts this season, or 70 percent of the Snaps and they make the playoffs, the best choice they gave up for him is going from second to first round player.

Either way, the Colts will need to consider their options to replace Wentz, perhaps for several regular season games. They signed former packer and Cardinal Brett Hundley on Saturday morning, but there are more viable options out there. Here are five options to consider.

5 quarterback options for the Colts if Carson Wentz misses out on time


Marcus Mariota

QB, raider

Mariota was signed to an attractive deal by the Raiders during the 2020 offseason, but he only saw action last season when Derek Carr missed part of a game due to injury. Even so, he was solid that stint against the Miami Dolphins (17-for-28 for 226 yards, 88 rushing yards, two touchdowns total) and showed that he could still be a quarterback in the league.

Mariota was the subject of some trade speculation during the off-season, but he had to accept a pay cut to stay with the Raiders. As the Colts Outside Options poll shows, the former # 2 overall pick is obvious, which probably doesn’t take much.


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