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5 daring predictions vs. Arizona Cardinals in Week 6

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Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns. (Mandatory field: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports)

The Cleveland Browns will try to eliminate their frustrations in Week 5 at the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cleveland Browns must recover after a game in which they were likely robbed by officials against the Los Angeles Chargers as the undefeated Arizona Cardinals hit town in Week 6.

Cleveland may have played well enough to win at SoFi, but poor defensive performance allowed the Bolts to take the lead and claim a home win in the fourth quarter. With the AFC North particularly competitive this season, the Browns must do their best to protect their home turf when the last undefeated team in the NFL ventures into Cleveland.

Here are five bold predictions of when the Browns will face the Cardinals in Week 6.

Cleveland Browns: 5 bold predictions against the Arizona Cardinals in week 6

5. Browns will turn around without the soccer ball for a fourth straight week

Don’t look now, but the Browns haven’t flipped the ball in three straight games. It might be a lucky streak, but it may depend on how well they’re trained under Kevin Stefanski. Fumbles happen, and they’re random, but Baker Mayfield, who doesn’t throw picks in the best part of the month, is more impressive than you’d think. Expect Cleveland to play cleanly.

What will make the ball security efforts commendable on Sunday is that the Cardinals have an opportunistic defense. They have playmakers at all levels and those who would do nothing more than take the ball the other way for six points. There may be a couple of tight calls, but Cleveland’s ability not to let the Cardinals defenses take the ball away from you will go a long way towards the win.

Does this mean the Browns will be ultra-conservative with the game taking the ball out of Mayfield’s hands while constantly passing it on to Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt? Not necessarily, but the floor game will remain a crucial part of the Browns’ offense, as always under Stefanski. More importantly, Mayfield isn’t going to make any terrible throws in this game.

Being in a position to win the battle for sales will help the Browns potentially defeat Arizona.


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