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3 bargain-basement free brokers Pittsburgh can signal

With Week 1 of the regular season almost here, there are still a few steps the Steelers can take to add to the team depth.

While the Pittsburgh Steelers enjoyed a strong off-season, that doesn’t mean the team should bring in more talent before the start of the regular season. The fact is, several teams in the AFC got even better than they did last season.

While Pittsburgh looked splendid at times in 2020, they saw an early post-season exit. They have to be aggressive in what could be Ben Roethlisberger’s final season in town. Here’s a look at three players Pittsburgh could add later this summer to make things easier.

Cornerback Quinton Dunbar would be a clever addition

When it comes to cornerback depth, the Steelers really need some help here. How about a guy like Quinton Dunbar? Dunbar was fired by the Lions about three weeks ago just before the start of the preseason. He has a lot of experience because the former free agent campaigned for Washington and Seattle.

While injuries have handicapped him in recent years, Dunbar has done some good on the field. In 2019 he had four interceptions. Pittsburgh would be wise to give him a call.

Offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz

Another player to keep in mind would be Mitchell Schwartz, who is attacking offensively. Pittsburgh’s blockage last season was just plain horrific, no one can deny that. Adding a player of Schwartz’s caliber would be fantastic. He would make a difference if his number was called.

Worry about Schwartz is his back. However, if he’s completely healthy and ready to get back into business in the trenches, Pittsburgh should try to get him to town.

Quarterback Cam Newton would be a solid backup

Finally, what about Cam Newton? On Tuesday, the seasoned signaler was surprisingly shortened by the New England Patriots, with the team starting with Mac Jones. Newton could go to the Steelers as a backup and be a good option should something happen to Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger is no stranger to injuries, and the concern grows with his climbing age. With Newton looking for a new home, Pittsburgh could be a great landing spot for him at the end of the day.


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