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23 groups to qualify for 2022 Calder Cup Playoffs

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. … The Board of Governors of the American Hockey League has approved the qualifying rules and format for the 2022 Calder Cup Playoffs.

A total of 23 teams will qualify for the postseason when the 2021-22 regular season ends on April 24, with five playoff rounds leading to the coronation of a Calder Cup champion.

“Our clubs and their partners in the National Hockey League understand the importance of playoff races and postseason experience in overall player development,” said Scott Howson, president and chief executive officer of the AHL. “The expansion of the Calder Cup playoff field will allow an additional 150 players to play more meaningful games in pursuit of a championship.”

In each of the four divisions of the AHL, all but two teams qualify for the postseason in 2022, creating a playoff field of six teams in the Atlantic Division, five in the North Division, five in the Central Division and seven in the Pacific Division is created. The teams are ranked according to points in the ranking of the regular season.

The match-ups in the first round will be best-of-three series. The top two teams in the Atlantic Division, the top three teams in the North and Central Divisions, and the first-placed team in the Pacific Division will receive byes to the division’s best-of-five semi-finals, with the first-round winners being sown in each division . The Division Finals will also be Best-of-Five series, followed by Best-of-Seven Conference Finals and a Best-of-Seven Calder Cup Finals series.

The 2022 Calder Cup Playoffs are expected to take place on Jan.

The American Hockey League was officially founded in 1936 when the Canadian-American Hockey League and the International Hockey League merged to form the International-American Hockey League (the “International” was deleted from the league’s name in 1940). The AHL continues to be the major development league for all 32 National Hockey League teams; Almost 90 percent of today’s NHL players are American Hockey League graduates, and more than 100 honored members of the Hockey Hall of Fame have spent some time in the AHL.

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